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Project Description
A system tray app that adds seamless features to iTunes including automated library maintenance, playlist management, playlist sychronization with MP3 players, lyrics downloads, track and playback control, and global keyboard control.  C#, WPF, MusicBrainz, iTunes APIs, and more!


From a gracious follower

"Thank you for all of your support for this wonderful tool. I love using it to transfer my iTunes music library to my mp3 player. I haven't found anything else that works as well as iTuner!!!" - MM


  • Automated library maintenance and optimization
    • Remove "dead tracks" - tracks in library without corresponding data files
    • Remove duplicates - multi-level intelligent processing to identify and archive duplicate tracks
    • Remove empty directories - delete empty hard-drive directories left over by iTunes' organize
    • Automatically import media files not yet in iTunes Library
    • Automatically download missing album artwork
  • Synchronize one or more playlists directly to a selected USB MP3 player
  • Easy playlist export/import
    • Export an album, an iTunes playlist, or all tracks by an artist with just a couple of clicks
    • Convert the iTunes tracks to any supported music format, AAC, AIFF, M4A, MP3, or WAV
    • Copy these tracks to any location, disk, USB, along with a playlist index file such as M3U, PLS, WPL, and ZPL
    • Import a playlist index file to create a new library playlist and optionally import new media files
  • Global hot key control of iTunes playback with customizations
  • Automatic lyric discovery using multiple online providers
  • Quick access to view lyrics of current track
  • System Tray icon showing the current player state: play or pause
  • Notify popup showing current track information, title, artist, album, and album artwork
  • Detailed track information with quick link to storage folder on disk
  • Indication of source location, standard music library, movies, TV shows, podcasts, radio
  • Basic playback controls including, next/prev track, play/pause, volume, position, rating, and shuffle
  • Basic track information editor to customize title, artist, and album


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While iTunes is a very intuitive and feature-rich application, as a developer I normally have many windows open at the same time and screen real-estate is at a premium. Bringing iTunes to the foreground is often intrusive and overly cumbersome for clicking a single button or reading a quick track title. Running in Mini Player mode or minimizing iTunes to the Windows taskbar as a small toolbar are both great and provide handy playback controls. But neither is perfect. After using iTunes for a little while, I started realizing what I really wanted... iTuner is small, light-weight, intuitive, and its automated features make it more powerful than any iTunes add-on available.

Some Future Possibilities

  • Startup with iTunes, as an iTunes plug-in
  • Scheduled iPod/iPhone synchronization
  • Integration with Windows Messenger to show current song
  • Import media files from alternate location

Media Coverage

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