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Visual Studio Project Configuration

iTuner contains some low level Win32 Interop code such as hot key registration, that does not work when hosted within the Visual Studio hosting process used for debugging. For this reason, you must disable this by modifying the project properties. In the iTuner.csproj settings, I've unchecked the Enable the Visual Studio hosting process option.

Images and Artwork

All of the image files used in the iTuner application were captured and at least moderately modified using Paint.NET. The .pdn files in the Images folder are native Paint.NET files.

Multi-Icon Executable

The iTuner.exe assembly contains its own default application icon. It also contains an icon used for the Start menu Uninstall shortcut. Embedding multiple icons in a .NET executable is a straightforward process. The first icon in this .res file will appear as the default app icon. Ed Poore wrote a nice article, more or less repeated here.
  1. Create a new Native Resource Template from the File | New dialog box
  2. Right click anywhere in the designer, and select "Add Resource..."
  3. You can, at this point, import any resources you wish to embed, but we will import some icons, so click "Import..." and select the icon files. If you wish, you can change the ID associated with the resources in the Properties window.
  4. Now, we must save the resource template as a 32-bit Resource File. This is done via File | Save As..., making sure that "32-bit Resource File (*.res)" is selected in the "Save as type" box. Save it somewhere logical, e.g., in your project's directory
  5. Open up the Application tab of the Properties page of your project.
  6. In the "Resources" group box, change the selection to point to Resource File, and browse for the resource file you just saved.
  7. Once the previous step has been completed, Visual Studio will now embed the Win32 resource into the executable when it compiles. To see the changes, simply recompile the application.

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